We offer a wide range of services, of which we highlit the following

Indentification and evaluation of risks

This is the most important and also initial part of our services. During this process we clearly identify the exposure of the client`s assets and activities to significant risks that can cause financial instability.
Identified and evaluated risks are presented in a risk survey document for our clients.

SWOT analysis of clients exixting insurance solutions

After identifying and evaluating key risks, key scenarios of coverage and corresponding reactions of the existing insurance solutions have to be made. With this process we define and pinpoint client`s needs and demands, which are the basis for adequate and optimal insurance solution portfolio.

Negotiations with insurers

Our team of experts prepares and carries out a tender, approaches the insurance markets and negotiates optimal prices and the best possible cover for our client.

Storage of insurance documentation

Our team of experts prepares, edits and archives all insurance documentation, which is avaiable to the customers 24/7.


At ADP Adria we have developed an IT tool for our clients, that enables 24/7 reviews and management of insured risks, insurance policies, claims, vehicle fleet and conducting various analyzes of insurance and claims.

Our own legal service

Due to the highest quality of servicing our clients, ADP Adria has established a legal service to help them enforce claims, legal issues related to insurance contracts, indemnification law and other legal advice regarding the services, provided to our clients by our team of experts.

Field of work

We present to you some of many areas that we cover.

Construction companies




Technological enterprises

Critical infrastructure

Public sector

Our team

A good team is the foundation for any high-performing business. We have the best of the best.

Klemen Vrečer, MBA


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Peter Krvina


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Antonetta Krvina


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About us

ADP Adria offers risk overview and management and the development of tailor-made solutions for medium and large companies and business systems throughout the EU through two business centers, namely ADP Adria d.o.o. for business in the Eastern EU and ADP Adria GmbH for business in the Western EU.

A high level of professionalism is ensured by a group of experts from key fields who take care of both preventive and curative property security of the company and professional support in advising and resolving claims for damages.

ADP Adria d.o.o. operates independently of insurance companies and represents exclusively the interests of the client and combines many years of experience and knowledge in the field of risk management, insurance and alternative solutions to existing risks and resolving claims through its own specialized legal service.

As a result, we provide high added value to our customers, which often gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors.

ADP Adria d.o.o. and ADP Adria GmbH are part of the ADRIA Group Consulting Group, which operates in the market through a group of affiliated companies as a provider of integrated support for business excellence - Business Excellence Services.


IT solution for damages

Our own IT solution enables our clients to review and manage insured risks, insurance policies, claims, rolling stock and perform various analyzes of insurance and claims 24/7.

Access to international insurance markets - LLOYD'S

With our partners from international insurance markets, we also provide our clients with the most complex solutions, which are only available in some major international markets. In this way, we also take care of the competitiveness and development of products in the domestic insurance market.

Reliability and fairness

A multidisciplinary team of experts provides service to customers 24/7 with the highest professional ethics. Our basic directness is the interest of the client, so we consistently follow its goals.